Introductions are in order

Hey! My name is Mike, and this is my blog!

If you would have told me in high school gym class when we had to run the track that I would run the NYC Marathon, I would have actually laughed at you, as I walked the mile in the slowest way possible

What changed, you ask?

  • My friend Kelly (who I have been referring to as Kellifer since HS) one day asked me if I wanted to run a race with her, as the theme was France and it sounded fun, and here I am 3 years later!
  • I play Pokemon Go with my husband, and running lets me play on the go and it adds that little distraction from just how far I’ve ran!
  • Running became not only a great means of exercise, which I needed, it also became something fun that I grew to love!

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Husband, Runner, Blogger.

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