Dopey Simulation #1


Day 1 was the day before Thanksgiving, so I set out to run my 3 miles on the treadmill at home.

Day 2 was on Thanksgiving. Now I know most people go out and do a Turkey Trot in the morning, however, it’s the last morning before my husband (Jude) starts retail Hell so I spend the morning every year with him =). After spending time with my family during the day, and dessert in the evening, I took again to my treadmill for a quick 6 (I say quick because knowing full well I’ll be running A LOT the next 2 days I decided to do 10 minute miles like a lunatic)

Day 3, Black Friday, Jude is already at work. We had new kitchen appliances delivered early morning (early Christmas to us), and then I ran out for a Dr. appointment (it was just for a shot I’m fine don’t worry). I met up with Kelly (my run bully/coach/best friend/ known each other since elementary school) upon returning home, and we set off for ~10 miles, as that’s what we set for a goal, though her knee has been giving her issues since an injury over the summer so that’s why I put the ~. We did loops around the neighborhood, stopping by my house to drink and refuel, and doing the same over by her parents house. The miles seemed to just fly by as we talked and then it was done!

Day 4, the dreaded LONG run day. This would be my first time running 4 days in a row with increasing mileage (I’ve done a few 3 mile days in a row for training but this was new). Our goal was 16 miles, or 3 hours, whichever came first. I met Kelly at her place and we did loops of her neighborhood, leaving fuel and water on her porch so that we could pace our water breaks accordingly. We were able to get in some hill training, which was cool, except that it had my knee acting up, a reminder from the NYC Marathon that I need to condition myself for hills. We talked about being a BibRave Pro, as I have recently been inducted into the Pro’s and she was giving me some pointers =). we had decided earlier on that when we finished we were going to get burgers as a reward, so as we reached our goal (16 miles AND 3 hours, which was neat) we cleaned ourselves up and headed over to Sal’s Place in Massapequa (2 thumbs up btw) and got ourselves some delicious burgers =)

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