Ted Corbitt 15K

12/7/19 – Central Park, NY

The weather today was beautiful, above the freezing temperature (which I am always thankful for!) My friend Kelly and I left early in the morning to hopefully get some miles in before the race, our goal was 18 miles today, but that’s a story for another post, let’s focus on Ted! We met up with our friend Carson who was hesitant to run the entirety of the race, as she hadn’t run distance in a while but ran with us regardless! For the ~9 Miles that this race entails, the course sent us through 2 loops of Central Park, which is excellent if you need hill training, and not so excellent if you hate hills (I fall into both categories). As I mentioned before, we had gotten to the race early to run a little, unfortunately we only got about a miles worth of running in after a delay with the parking garage. we finished the race in about 1:45 which is about on pace for me for longer runs! We stopped for a water break/brief refueling post race. And with that, we were on our way for the final 9 miles of our trek!

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