Some updates

Well, as you know, its quarantine season, races are cancelled, lockdowns are in order, all around not so much fun. I’ve taken this time to truly be thankful for what I have, what I can do, and where this will take me.

These core workouts are kicking my ass, @mattymaggiacomo

I can’t say that I’ve been doing this alone. My husband is also home from work and happily (read sometimes I have to convince him) has been participating in workouts with me, here’s looking at you Peloton, whether its a run, walk or workout.

We’re safe when we go for walks/play Pokemon Go with our Pokemon masks courtesy of Kelly

And I can’t forget to mention Kelly who is an absolute champion and is constantly knitting masks for friends and family, as seen modeled by Jude and I above. Not only that but she’s been my accountibilibuddy from afar as well! She persuaded me to sign up for peloton, and we’ve been doing virtual runs together!

virtual high fives! photoshop courtesy of Jude, we’re not actually next to each other

Something fun was inspiring the Bibrave community to take part in a Virtual High Five Challenge, which was really cool and fun to see how everyone virtually cheered on their friends! What a cool way to #releasetherunner

Do you have any virtual races coming up? I’m signed up for the 19 Crimes 19k which should be fun!

Also, remember to get those steps in for Fitness Bank’s step challenge!!! Every step counts!!

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