~Chocolate makes everything better~ Denver Edition

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I have heard stories of the Hot Chocolate race series. And let me tell you, Denver lived up to the hype, even virtually!

All state sure knows how to put together a race! First of all, they give you hot chocolate for participating, how awesome is that?? (It’s very awesome, in case you didn’t know) But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me tell you the race details!

There is an option for a 5K and a 15K (and while Denver’s race may be over, you can still sign up for the other city’s virtual runs as well! I’ll link it HERE)

Now I haven’t done a long run for a bit with surgery and my most recent fun knee sprain, but All State has decided on a specific day, along with an after party that really had me in the right mindset to get back on the proverbial horse and train!

Let’s talk about swag (you knew it was coming)
For registering you get an awesome provisions pack including a string bag, which has some bars of chocolate, a honey stinger waffle, and a nuun tablet (for recovery). Not only that, but they also include 2 bags of hot chocolate (appropriate, also delicious) and the cool openable medal (which ALSO has a bar of chocolate in it). Last but not least you get the finishers jacket!

I was waiting so long for this jacket to come in, not only does it look awesome with the removable hood, but it looked warm and comfortable as well! My only issue I came to was when it came in I had a broken zipper on the pocket!! But they were super cool about it and offered to send me a new one 🙂

Now race day! I took to half indoors and half outdoors, starting outdoors because it was gorgeous, but opted to finish on my trusty tread because I had a feeling my knee would start to bother me after a certain point and I wanted to be home for if (and when) it happened! I had to take a few breaks while running to stop and stretch ( calf felt weird as a result of the knee) but with my trusty nuun bottle and recovery honey stinger waffle I made it!

The cool, almost back to normal, thing about this race was the after party they had planned in the Facebook event page! There was music and prizes and giveaways that was really cool and got everyone hyped for more!!

Finished the outside portion

I can’t wait for racing to be in person again so that I can attend a hot chocolate race myself in person! Keep an eye out for fellow pros as they review this race, as well as the other races in the sweetest race series!

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