Gobble Gobble, a Turkey Trot!

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Hey Milers! I know its been a while since I posted, but I’ve been out on injury after spraining my MCL, and according to my physical therapist I should tell people it was in a bear fight!

Pretend that hit my MCL

So I’ll tell you about training. Training was not as traditional as per normal. This was a 5K so typically I don’t have an intensive training plan in place, as my typical ‘maintenance runs’ are ~3 miles. When you add an injury to the mix that inhibits running, you have to shake things up. I incorporated a TON of walking (and biking) to get ready for this, I needed to build up my knee strength and endurance (which I highly recommend for ANY race) but I have been off of running since ~September 22nd… 😱 a few days before I had mentioned the 5K to my PT and she said that I should try running 1/2 a mile on the track to see how it felt. While it was torture on the lungs (body hasn’t acclimated to cold weatherNY running yet) I managed it pain free!

Race info time! So there were numerous race options to choose from, which I find to be excellent practice for virtual races so that it doesn’t limit people wanting to participate. This one in particular had a 1 mile, 5k, 10k, and Half Marathon option! Signing up for this race I knew I would be on the mend, so I scheduled myself for the 5k option, knowing that I would have to resort to walking a little bit if necessary.

Swag info! You can still sign up for this race, as of today (11/30) they are even offering a discounted price for it at 25 as opposed to 40, which won’t net you a medal but the rest it up for grabs. This sweater fits almost identically to the Hot Chocolate one, if you needed a frame of reference. I’ve gotten so many compliments on the colors of this one. The hat is perfect for NY weather right now and the medal is gorgeous!

Had Hubby run it with me =)

Day of the race! MY husband Jude and I relaxed a bit in the morning, decorated our tree (our thanksgiving tradition) and got ready for our run (hoping this can be a new thanksgiving tradition). Like I mentioned earlier, I knew I was going to be taking today on the easy side, listen to my body, walk when needed… but this run went so smoothly! Jude enjoys running with me, but hasn’t run in a while because of work so my idea of not running the entire 5k appealed to him, as he normally would have worked himself up with training for this race.

All in all we had a great time! The weather was perfect, we got to spend some time together on Thanksgiving, something we don’t normally get to do, since he usually has to work, and still had time to cook for dinner!

Obligatory Medal Finisher Pic!

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