It’s the Holiday Season

Hey! New post here, and it’s not a race review?? Crazy

The last few weeks have been strange! With a 2 week quarantine and some PT growth I’ve been able to get a bunch done strength wise!

With the OK from the physical therapist, I’ve been incorporating a lot more running into my repertoire, and I was able to complete the Honey Stinger Hive Hustle which was 10 miles (done on my tread since I couldn’t leave the house).

But Mike, you may think, with your knee/MCL… HOW?! So weirdly enough running isn’t bothering my knee, like at all, as long as I stretch before and after. The pain comes when I kneel/sit cross legged (which I actively avoid) when I’m standing for too long, and when I wake up, so primarily from inactivity, motion is lotion as they say!

Mom and I also went out for the Running on Wine and Virtual Cheer 5K, which was my moms first race! This was a walker race since, due to quarantining, we couldn’t get out much to train and being her first one she didn’t want to hurt herself. But we finished and had a great time!

While I said this wasn’t a race review post you got some fun little race intel anyway, sorry not sorry 🙂

In other news we had a great Christmas and my husband and I got matching pajamas to match his daughter and our family and now we’re getting some relaxation time after a present filled Christmas morning. Hope everyone has a safe and happy Holiday Season

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