Running and Puzzles and Clues, oh my! Run to Escape Series

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Hey all! I’m back again to share some exciting news with you! My friends over at BibRave have an awesome one of a kind running experience for you to take part in! It’s called the “Run to Escape: Mission Mt. Olympus” experience. If you’re here that means running is probably in your blood, but if solving puzzles is your cup of tea, then this experience is for you! Now, notice I keep referring to it as an experience and not a race, or a challenge because it’s MUCH more than that! Let me break it down for you!

THE WHO: You! The Gods of Mt. Olympus are breaking the status quo and allowing there to be a 13th seat for a God/Goddess! The Goddess of Running, Atalanta, is one such deity vying for the coveted seat, and she has chosen you as a mortal representative to showcase what she embodies!

Atalanta, goddess of running

THE WHAT: Okay, so we’re running, sounds on brand right? WRONG! Not only will you be running to get our girl her seat (lets face it, being the Goddess of running she definitely could use some rest!) but the other deities on Ol’ Mt. Olympus have a say on it, and they will be issuing challenges and puzzles for us to solve, and solving correctly not only wins their favor, but also unlocks the next race in the experience?

THE WHEN: Have I got you hooked yet? GOOD! (insert godly laugh) …here’s the catch: It doesn’t begin until 4/21! So I’m sure you’re chomping at the bit to get in on this. As consolation for leading you on, albeit briefly, I HAVE A DISCOUNT FOR YOU! Use code BIBRAVE10 for 10% off your registration, cool right? Once you register, you can start whenever you please, as the experience itself is virtual!

THE WHERE: This section is two-fold: Firstly check here for the splash page for this experience, it’ll give you access to information on the featured Gods/Goddesses, a link to get notified when this begins, and more as the series starts! Second: While this is a VIRTUAL experience, it is going to require you to run outside (sorry fellow tread runners) The next section will go into more detail but it is going to require a GPS signal to get you what you need!

THE HOW: I’m sure you’re thinking, HOW ARE THEY DOING THIS!? What you’re going to need to do to participate (aside from signing up on 4/21, but you know that already) is create an account with RaceRoster as well and download and create an account with Runkeeper (on iOS and Android). How it works is: you will receive your first race in an email that you will sync through the Runkeeper App. By adding the run to the app you can find it under your races section in the app (its a checkered flag) MAKE SURE YOU CHECK THE BOX FOR RACE MODE AUDIO (its all caps because its suuuuper important) this will allow you to hear your clues AS YOU RUN!! This is why you cannot complete this on a treadmill, the app tracks your distance and you will receive clues to your puzzle at predetermined mile/km markers! I will say, headphones work best for this so you aren’t straining to hear the clues (the mortal realm is quite the noisy one) may I recommend some AfterShokz, one of our fine sponsors?

Once a race is completed, you will receive a missive (email) from the messenger god himself, Hermes, which will contain not only the audio files from the run, but a link to the featured Gods puzzle! Solving the puzzle will get you a clue, which when inserted into the registration page (the same on you use to register for the race, accessible starting 4/21 as you remember) under ACCESS CODE, you unlock the next Godly challenge!

I know this was a lot of info, but I truly cannot wait to complete this experience and I hope you’re just as excited as I am to get Atalanta a seat on the council!

As an added bonus, there’s a current riddle in the works which could net you a free registration, a pair of AfterShokz and more!

Have you got what it takes?

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