Post Marathon, Relax with some wine!

Disclaimer: I received a bottle of wine, as well as snacks to sample from Clif Family Winery to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find, and write race reviews!

Just because the race is over doesn’t mean you have to miss all the fun of the Napa Valley wineries! Clif Family Winery prides themselves on sustainability. Not only are they CCOF certified, but they are also Napa Green Certified as well. What does this mean? The Clif Family Winery has dedication to organic farming, as well as reducing waste and their carbon footprint!

Want your own? Yeah you do, click below to get some now!

Cant make it to the west coast visit? I’ve got you covered, check out this link here: its got their extensive list of wines, and delicious snacks as well. If I could make a suggestion, I would try ‘The Climber’ which is a delicious red wine.

Here’s a link to my friend Kelly’s blog, where she ran the Half Marathon, check it out!!

Clif Family Winery

Disclaimer: I received a bottle of Clif Family wine, and samples of their almonds and honey to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find, and write race reviews!

My Cute care package!

The Napa Valley Marathon is almost here (March 1st)!! And I wanted to take some time to talk about one of their sponsors, Clif Family Winery! You may be thinking that the name sounds familiar, and you’d be right! If you’re a runner like me, you’re probably familiar with the Clif Bar, which is a DELICIOUS organic energy bar that you’ve probably taken before, after, or even during a race. Well I’m here to tell you to check out their selection of wines. not only was the bottle I got to try so flavorful, but its made with organic ingredients (the bottle I received was called ‘The Climber’) which is sure to catch your eye if you’ve been steering clear of other companies who don’t use organic ingredients. Whats even better, is that they are currently in the process of completing a 40 acre vineyard where they plan on harvesting an entire organic bunch in the coming years! To me; organic foods, especially for times when you’re pushing your body to the extreme, are extremely vital as you want to make sure you’re getting the best for yourself, and Clif Family provides just that. And hey, a little celebratory glass of wine after a race is well deserved. If you’re running the race (Im jealous by the way) stop by and check them out, if not you should check them out online at

Walt Disney World Dopey Challenge!

Here’s what you’ve been waiting for, life got in the way and I didnt get the opportunity to update everyone on my training, but if this challenge is any indicator, I got the training in!

5K – This race was run by myself, my husband Jude (a new runner, love of my life) and my best friend Kelly (veteran runner, coach, all around awesome individual). We got on the bus nice and early to make sure we were there on time, and it was a chilly morning. Jude has run this distance with me in the past, but a hectic work schedule caused his training to slip. It was such a nice run, with plenty of stops for characters and hydration as we ran through EPCOT. We dressed as Buzz, Woody, and EVIL EMPEROR ZURG (thank you Kelly) we finished in proper pacing time (under 16 minutes) and snagged our first medal!

10K – Jude ran with us for this one too! He had never run this distance before, his longest being a 5K. We had to tell him that we were going to stay with him as long as we could without losing the average time (we started early enough that the balloon ladies wouldn’t get us, but still had to monitor the time) We got a lot of great pictures, running round Epcot and looping the boardwalk to lead back into Epcot, and Jude kept up with us the whole time, rather, we made the conscious effort to not run our normal paces because it was a long distance for him. we collected our medals, and I presented Jude with his own Challenge Medal, which I called the “Jack’s Not So Scary Challenge” with a picture of Jack Skellington on it 🙂 it fit the theme perfectly for Lock, Shock and Barrel (our costumes of the day)

Half Marathon. – another morning, another bright and early wake up! It was just Kelly and I for this one, slowly but surely the wake ups were taking their toll, even with our early bed times. The half brings you on a larger course, if you can believe it haha. Start out in Epcot and continue along the highways until you reach Magic Kingdom, running down Main Street, into Tomorrow- and Frontierland and out back through the Castle. Truly Magical! You finish the race by coming back into Epcot, which I may add has the only 3 inclines in the race, and I remembered from last year that they really hurt my good ankle (previous injury on the other that I’m surprised didn’t get aggravated by it) but I knew for this race and the marathon (which I knew I would encounter it again) I had to walk up them, while maintaining time still =) we were Alice and the Mad Hatter for this race, I’ll leave it up to you to decide who was who haha.

Full Marathon – Here it is, the big one, the final leg in the Dopey Challenge (and Goofy as well) After everything, this was what I had been training for! The race started late because of traffic, which also caused A LOT of racers to start the race late, which gave us time to shake off the stress and use the bathroom. Beginning in Epcot (as usual) making our way up the highway miles til we reach the Castle again! Out and around to Animal Kingdom, into Blizzard Beach, quickly through Hollywood Studios and back to Epcot for the finish! What a rush!!! I know that doesn’t do it justice, but we stopped for character after character, some really cool ones like Jafar, and Max Goof! We even found our husbands spectating us a few times which is truly the motivation you need to keep going! We also had the opportunity to take a picture with some live animals as we ran through the Animal Kingdom, what a treat!! The race ended up being cut for some racers as the heat (85 degrees with 90% humidity ouch!) was too much so the 2 miles of Blizzard Beach was just cut from the course. We met up with Dennis (Kelly’s husband) in the last stretch of Epcot and he handed us some margaritas to cross the finish line with, and we did it!!! We crossed that line with Marg’s in hand! We checked over by the challenge tent, tears in our eyes from finishing the race as they said “You did it” and ushered us along to obtain our Goofy and Dopey Medals! Honestly I’ve never been filled with so many emotions at once! Aptly, we were dressed as Dopey and Snow White for this final leg

Dopey Simulation #1


Day 1 was the day before Thanksgiving, so I set out to run my 3 miles on the treadmill at home.

Day 2 was on Thanksgiving. Now I know most people go out and do a Turkey Trot in the morning, however, it’s the last morning before my husband (Jude) starts retail Hell so I spend the morning every year with him =). After spending time with my family during the day, and dessert in the evening, I took again to my treadmill for a quick 6 (I say quick because knowing full well I’ll be running A LOT the next 2 days I decided to do 10 minute miles like a lunatic)

Day 3, Black Friday, Jude is already at work. We had new kitchen appliances delivered early morning (early Christmas to us), and then I ran out for a Dr. appointment (it was just for a shot I’m fine don’t worry). I met up with Kelly (my run bully/coach/best friend/ known each other since elementary school) upon returning home, and we set off for ~10 miles, as that’s what we set for a goal, though her knee has been giving her issues since an injury over the summer so that’s why I put the ~. We did loops around the neighborhood, stopping by my house to drink and refuel, and doing the same over by her parents house. The miles seemed to just fly by as we talked and then it was done!

Day 4, the dreaded LONG run day. This would be my first time running 4 days in a row with increasing mileage (I’ve done a few 3 mile days in a row for training but this was new). Our goal was 16 miles, or 3 hours, whichever came first. I met Kelly at her place and we did loops of her neighborhood, leaving fuel and water on her porch so that we could pace our water breaks accordingly. We were able to get in some hill training, which was cool, except that it had my knee acting up, a reminder from the NYC Marathon that I need to condition myself for hills. We talked about being a BibRave Pro, as I have recently been inducted into the Pro’s and she was giving me some pointers =). we had decided earlier on that when we finished we were going to get burgers as a reward, so as we reached our goal (16 miles AND 3 hours, which was neat) we cleaned ourselves up and headed over to Sal’s Place in Massapequa (2 thumbs up btw) and got ourselves some delicious burgers =)

Ted Corbitt 15K

12/7/19 – Central Park, NY

The weather today was beautiful, above the freezing temperature (which I am always thankful for!) My friend Kelly and I left early in the morning to hopefully get some miles in before the race, our goal was 18 miles today, but that’s a story for another post, let’s focus on Ted! We met up with our friend Carson who was hesitant to run the entirety of the race, as she hadn’t run distance in a while but ran with us regardless! For the ~9 Miles that this race entails, the course sent us through 2 loops of Central Park, which is excellent if you need hill training, and not so excellent if you hate hills (I fall into both categories). As I mentioned before, we had gotten to the race early to run a little, unfortunately we only got about a miles worth of running in after a delay with the parking garage. we finished the race in about 1:45 which is about on pace for me for longer runs! We stopped for a water break/brief refueling post race. And with that, we were on our way for the final 9 miles of our trek!

Introductions are in order

Hey! My name is Mike, and this is my blog!

If you would have told me in high school gym class when we had to run the track that I would run the NYC Marathon, I would have actually laughed at you, as I walked the mile in the slowest way possible

What changed, you ask?

  • My friend Kelly (who I have been referring to as Kellifer since HS) one day asked me if I wanted to run a race with her, as the theme was France and it sounded fun, and here I am 3 years later!
  • I play Pokemon Go with my husband, and running lets me play on the go and it adds that little distraction from just how far I’ve ran!
  • Running became not only a great means of exercise, which I needed, it also became something fun that I grew to love!