Disclaimer: I received an entry into this race, as well as an adjustable dog collar as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Last week I had the opportunity to take part in RAM Races’ Scooby Doo Virtual 5K. I even had a special little companion for this one, my dog Quinn! We (I) opted for the 5K as opposed to the 10K option as I recently had a minor surgery on my shoulder and had to take almost 3 weeks off of running/exercising/sweating, which I knew would affect my distance capability considerably!

Now, Quinn is kind of a lazy dog and wasn’t really into the ‘training’ runs we did, mostly just plodding along behind me as I ran. But when we had a day as beautiful as we did that day, we had to seize the moment.

Before I get into the run, let me tell you about the swag for this race, all of which comes INCLUDED with your registration! Without purchasing any add-ons, you get a Scooby Doo Run hoodie, a finishers medal, a personalized race bib and a Scooby Doo water bottle!! If you want to as well, you can add on an adjustable collar for the pup, and a Scooby bandana!

The swag!

We began our race with our heads held high, and Quinn (my 7 year old Coonhound) was ecstatic that he could move his legs more the usual walking pace. Let me tell you, the day couldn’t have been more perfect, gorgeous 75 degree weather, a light breeze, if all of my races could be like this I would be in heaven!

At around a mile Quinn started to realize he didn’t pace himself properly, so we walked for a little bit and had some water to regain our composure.

Peep that Scooby collar and that groovy bandana (its not the Scooby bandana, he got this from daycare!)

We continued this trend of running and walking to ensure that his first race wouldn’t be his only race, and while we didn’t get a PR for me, I’d say our time was a PR for him! (~68 minutes)

Quinn wore his medal with pride as we sat in the A/C and cooled off with some snacks, Honey Stinger and Nuun for me, Water and Beggin Strips for Quinn!

Registration is still open for this race, and you can run it on your own time, wherever you want ( the sheer beauty of a virtual run) but this race is available until 10/4/20, so if you’re a nostalgia fan, and are looking for something fun to do with your pup they have a 5K and a 10K option available! Don’t have a dog? No problem! An old coworker of mine signed up and did the distance walking (yes this is a run/walk) with her 3 year old who LOVES Scooby!

As more of my fellow BibRave Pros complete this race and post about it I will link them below, so stay tuned!!

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