It’s the Holiday Season

Hey! New post here, and it’s not a race review?? Crazy

The last few weeks have been strange! With a 2 week quarantine and some PT growth I’ve been able to get a bunch done strength wise!

With the OK from the physical therapist, I’ve been incorporating a lot more running into my repertoire, and I was able to complete the Honey Stinger Hive Hustle which was 10 miles (done on my tread since I couldn’t leave the house).

But Mike, you may think, with your knee/MCL… HOW?! So weirdly enough running isn’t bothering my knee, like at all, as long as I stretch before and after. The pain comes when I kneel/sit cross legged (which I actively avoid) when I’m standing for too long, and when I wake up, so primarily from inactivity, motion is lotion as they say!

Mom and I also went out for the Running on Wine and Virtual Cheer 5K, which was my moms first race! This was a walker race since, due to quarantining, we couldn’t get out much to train and being her first one she didn’t want to hurt herself. But we finished and had a great time!

While I said this wasn’t a race review post you got some fun little race intel anyway, sorry not sorry 🙂

In other news we had a great Christmas and my husband and I got matching pajamas to match his daughter and our family and now we’re getting some relaxation time after a present filled Christmas morning. Hope everyone has a safe and happy Holiday Season

Na na na na na na na na na na na na na- The Batman Run

Disclaimer: I received an entry into this race to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Two posts in a week? That means I’ve been busy! Close on the heels of my Turkey Trot, I channeled my inner vigilante for the Batman 5K. If you remember I’m still attending physical therapy and taking it easier on my knee than you know I normally would, so this one was also a more relaxed event for me.

What you get! If you remember the Wonder Woman run (boy am I plugging my own blog today or what?) the sweater you get is the same fit, and damn the same comfort (amazing) but Batman themed! In addition you get this awesome velcro backed Batman hat! The medal is the Bat-Signal shining onto the name with a cool yellow logo backed lanyard, and your customary Batman run bib =) they even threw in a GU brand stroopwafel, flavors varied. The race company offered both a 5k and a 10k option for this race, which is great because who doesn’t love the option to push themselves?

My Goodie Bag

Prep time! So I entered into this race with the intention of training with a friend of mine, Chander (who also happened to be the officiant of my wedding). He is a casual runner, in the sense that he will enter races that he finds interesting, but doesn’t run on his own. Generally when him and I enter a race together we will do some short practice runs, or long walks for mileage. Between my MCL injury (my bear fight) and remote/blended learning taking its mental toll on us (I’m a speech therapist in the school system, he’s a history teacher) we got about one couple mile walk in almost a month and a half ago.

Flat mike part 2!

They day of the race we planned on meeting up by his house, and praying that the weather would hold out, as it was supposed to rain and be cold. Fortunately we were #blessed and the weather was GORGEOUS moving the horrible wind and rain to the following day.

Got stuck a a railroad crossing so snapped a quick pic

The 5k took us about an hour, but we intended to walk it from the start. Was it a PR? No, but we had a really good time while we participated. Thats the thing you have to remember, just because it is listed as a race, does NOT mean you have to kill yourself to finish it, whether in person or virtual, you need to listen to your body! We got to talking about a ton of things, like our upcoming end of campaign in Dungeons and Dragons, and tv show recommendations and we had an all around good time!

With the race completed, we went back to his house and submitted our time through the races tracking website, and reenergized with our waffles!! This race was definitely one where the swag was a big draw, since Batman fans can use it as an opportunity to increase the Bat-swag they own, and also have that accomplishment of completing a 5k.

Medal Time

Gobble Gobble, a Turkey Trot!

Disclaimer: I received an entry into this race to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Hey Milers! I know its been a while since I posted, but I’ve been out on injury after spraining my MCL, and according to my physical therapist I should tell people it was in a bear fight!

Pretend that hit my MCL

So I’ll tell you about training. Training was not as traditional as per normal. This was a 5K so typically I don’t have an intensive training plan in place, as my typical ‘maintenance runs’ are ~3 miles. When you add an injury to the mix that inhibits running, you have to shake things up. I incorporated a TON of walking (and biking) to get ready for this, I needed to build up my knee strength and endurance (which I highly recommend for ANY race) but I have been off of running since ~September 22nd… 😱 a few days before I had mentioned the 5K to my PT and she said that I should try running 1/2 a mile on the track to see how it felt. While it was torture on the lungs (body hasn’t acclimated to cold weatherNY running yet) I managed it pain free!

Race info time! So there were numerous race options to choose from, which I find to be excellent practice for virtual races so that it doesn’t limit people wanting to participate. This one in particular had a 1 mile, 5k, 10k, and Half Marathon option! Signing up for this race I knew I would be on the mend, so I scheduled myself for the 5k option, knowing that I would have to resort to walking a little bit if necessary.

Swag info! You can still sign up for this race, as of today (11/30) they are even offering a discounted price for it at 25 as opposed to 40, which won’t net you a medal but the rest it up for grabs. This sweater fits almost identically to the Hot Chocolate one, if you needed a frame of reference. I’ve gotten so many compliments on the colors of this one. The hat is perfect for NY weather right now and the medal is gorgeous!

Had Hubby run it with me =)

Day of the race! MY husband Jude and I relaxed a bit in the morning, decorated our tree (our thanksgiving tradition) and got ready for our run (hoping this can be a new thanksgiving tradition). Like I mentioned earlier, I knew I was going to be taking today on the easy side, listen to my body, walk when needed… but this run went so smoothly! Jude enjoys running with me, but hasn’t run in a while because of work so my idea of not running the entire 5k appealed to him, as he normally would have worked himself up with training for this race.

All in all we had a great time! The weather was perfect, we got to spend some time together on Thanksgiving, something we don’t normally get to do, since he usually has to work, and still had time to cook for dinner!

Obligatory Medal Finisher Pic!

~Chocolate makes everything better~ Denver Edition

Disclaimer: I received a free entry to this race as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

I have heard stories of the Hot Chocolate race series. And let me tell you, Denver lived up to the hype, even virtually!

All state sure knows how to put together a race! First of all, they give you hot chocolate for participating, how awesome is that?? (It’s very awesome, in case you didn’t know) But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me tell you the race details!

There is an option for a 5K and a 15K (and while Denver’s race may be over, you can still sign up for the other city’s virtual runs as well! I’ll link it HERE)

Now I haven’t done a long run for a bit with surgery and my most recent fun knee sprain, but All State has decided on a specific day, along with an after party that really had me in the right mindset to get back on the proverbial horse and train!

Let’s talk about swag (you knew it was coming)
For registering you get an awesome provisions pack including a string bag, which has some bars of chocolate, a honey stinger waffle, and a nuun tablet (for recovery). Not only that, but they also include 2 bags of hot chocolate (appropriate, also delicious) and the cool openable medal (which ALSO has a bar of chocolate in it). Last but not least you get the finishers jacket!

I was waiting so long for this jacket to come in, not only does it look awesome with the removable hood, but it looked warm and comfortable as well! My only issue I came to was when it came in I had a broken zipper on the pocket!! But they were super cool about it and offered to send me a new one 🙂

Now race day! I took to half indoors and half outdoors, starting outdoors because it was gorgeous, but opted to finish on my trusty tread because I had a feeling my knee would start to bother me after a certain point and I wanted to be home for if (and when) it happened! I had to take a few breaks while running to stop and stretch ( calf felt weird as a result of the knee) but with my trusty nuun bottle and recovery honey stinger waffle I made it!

The cool, almost back to normal, thing about this race was the after party they had planned in the Facebook event page! There was music and prizes and giveaways that was really cool and got everyone hyped for more!!

Finished the outside portion

I can’t wait for racing to be in person again so that I can attend a hot chocolate race myself in person! Keep an eye out for fellow pros as they review this race, as well as the other races in the sweetest race series!

No need for the Lasso of Truth, the Wonder Woman race review!

Disclaimer: I received a free entry into this virtual race as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Hey out there, I’m back with another awesome virtual race review. I will mention this again later, and provide a link for you, BUT, you can still sign up for this race too!!

So, I loved the strong and empowering message this race, and how their social media presence not only incorporated a comic book standing, but also promoting women in athletics with the tag #IAMWONDERWOMAN.

Being a virtual race, I was free to decide when, and where I wanted to race, and even though I do miss the “in-person” races, I do find a sense of serenity knowing I can do a race on my time. Better yet, this race offers a 5K and a 10K option. In reference to my previous posts, I registered for this one before I had scheduled a surgery, but I was strong minded and opted for the 10k. This made the Wonder Woman race a “Get back into a longer run” race for me, and I found that to be highly motivational.

What even is a W?

Now, being a BibRave Pro (check out this link or the one above for more information on that) I donned my BibRave shirt and hat, my knockaround shades, and being a super hero themed race (and me being a super hero fan) I also sported a Green Lantern cape that I got from a trip to Six Flags last year (sorry I didn’t have a Wonder Woman one), in addition to this I wore the sweatbands included as part of the swag which I will talk about shortly!

How can you resist?

Now things I learned during this race:

  1. Wearing a cape while running sounds cool, but it will twist in the wind and try and strangle you, even if you think it’ll make that cool swish effect like a super hero. I am reminded of Edna Mode
  2. If you wear a cape in public, people WILL stare
  3. I tried making a cool Wonder Woman logo in my run map, but I guess I forgot what a W looks like

Here’s a link to register! BONUS if you register for this race and their partner Batman race you can get $5 off of both races!!

I’ll link some other Pros below if you want some more input on this race!


Disclaimer: I received an entry into this race, as well as an adjustable dog collar as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

Last week I had the opportunity to take part in RAM Races’ Scooby Doo Virtual 5K. I even had a special little companion for this one, my dog Quinn! We (I) opted for the 5K as opposed to the 10K option as I recently had a minor surgery on my shoulder and had to take almost 3 weeks off of running/exercising/sweating, which I knew would affect my distance capability considerably!

Now, Quinn is kind of a lazy dog and wasn’t really into the ‘training’ runs we did, mostly just plodding along behind me as I ran. But when we had a day as beautiful as we did that day, we had to seize the moment.

Before I get into the run, let me tell you about the swag for this race, all of which comes INCLUDED with your registration! Without purchasing any add-ons, you get a Scooby Doo Run hoodie, a finishers medal, a personalized race bib and a Scooby Doo water bottle!! If you want to as well, you can add on an adjustable collar for the pup, and a Scooby bandana!

The swag!

We began our race with our heads held high, and Quinn (my 7 year old Coonhound) was ecstatic that he could move his legs more the usual walking pace. Let me tell you, the day couldn’t have been more perfect, gorgeous 75 degree weather, a light breeze, if all of my races could be like this I would be in heaven!

At around a mile Quinn started to realize he didn’t pace himself properly, so we walked for a little bit and had some water to regain our composure.

Peep that Scooby collar and that groovy bandana (its not the Scooby bandana, he got this from daycare!)

We continued this trend of running and walking to ensure that his first race wouldn’t be his only race, and while we didn’t get a PR for me, I’d say our time was a PR for him! (~68 minutes)

Quinn wore his medal with pride as we sat in the A/C and cooled off with some snacks, Honey Stinger and Nuun for me, Water and Beggin Strips for Quinn!

Registration is still open for this race, and you can run it on your own time, wherever you want ( the sheer beauty of a virtual run) but this race is available until 10/4/20, so if you’re a nostalgia fan, and are looking for something fun to do with your pup they have a 5K and a 10K option available! Don’t have a dog? No problem! An old coworker of mine signed up and did the distance walking (yes this is a run/walk) with her 3 year old who LOVES Scooby!

As more of my fellow BibRave Pros complete this race and post about it I will link them below, so stay tuned!!

Stephanie Shannon

Buff Pack Run Visor. Closing thoughts

Disclaimer: I received a BUFF® Pack Run Visor to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador) at, and check out to review, find, and write race reviews!

Alright! I’m back! After taking a brief hiatus from running (and sweating in general) due to a cyst removal surgery (I’m fine don’t worry) I am here to RAVE about this visor again, buckle up!

As soon as the stitches came out, I was back on the proverbial horse and went out on my way for a nice run! The weather wasn’t ideal, but that’s where my visor came into play! A mixture of heat/humidity and rain stood no chance against this bad boy. As I said in my previous post this thing absorbs moisture like a sponge!

Honestly, my favorite thing about it, is that I was able to throw it right in the wash, which I’m SUPER hesitant to do with any other hat/visor I own.

I would also like to point out, that my mother was with me when I was wearing it, and then asked me to borrow it for a day at the beach the next day!!! In her words: ‘It worked great! I love it’

Anyway! I love this thing, and if you are compelled by my rave reviews, you should totally sign up for their mailing list on their website to get 15% off your purchase!!!

Not convinced? Check out these other BibRavePro reviews!


Buff Pack Run Cap/Visor

Disclaimer: I received a Buff Pack Run Visor to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find, and write race reviews!

Hey guys! I’m back, been a little bit of a hiatus with the remote learning (yup) school year ending and my step daughter coming to visit for a little bit. In that time I was fortunate enough to be chosen to try out a visor from Buff USA.

First Impressions: I received the R-Cape Blue color visor to try out (honestly my top choice, because look at that color!) but its so light! Like to the point where I forget that I’m wearing it.

Oh! And this visor works like a sponge!! I’ve gotten rained on, as well as just accumulating sweat and none of it got in my eyes! All absorbed by the visor, btw its completely washable 😍.

Anywho, I’m going to test some more and I’ll check back in soon!

BRP Virtual Summit 2020

So this year, as a member of the BibRave Community, I was fortunate to be able to participate in the Virtual Summit, as the in person summit was unable to be held due to the current state of affairs.

Each Pro that was participating was given a care package! We got a shirt, a pair of Knockaround sunglasses (see how much I love them HERE), a BibRave hat, some tattoos and a pom pom!! (Though I’m told some pros received a cowbell instead of a pom pom and a a fanny pack instead of a hat)

Our coordinators had scheduled a kickoff scavenger hunt, through the app HollarHype, which was really cool, because as long as you are a member of the selected group you can send live motivational voice messages to your friends! With some technical difficulties, the pros decided to send each other random things to find as we were all on our ~5 mile runs! Kelly and I met up for a run for the first time in what seems like forever to scavenger hunt and run together! Check this link to see the scavenger hunt video we put together, and even more on her page!

First thing we did as a group was a large group zoom call, with everyone involved joined! We did two breakout sessions where we got to meet some other pros, which was really cool, because I got to have a conversation with some of the pros that ive only been able to connect with via social media and messaging!

Don’t mind my Pizza Hut email

After the breakout sessions, the first days sessions began, and there was a Live Q&A Session with co-founders Tim and Jess, where they were able to talk about the company and answer questions that the pro’s had for them! Following that, there was a TikTok tutorial with Kim, where she gave some pro tips on how to make a cool video!

The remainder of the day, leading into the next morning were left up to the pros to view some prerecorded seminars from nutritionist Steph Howe, and a mental health checkin and checkup with sports psychologist Dr. Ross!

Sunday morning I went out for. another run as the HollarHype app was primed and ready to go (we were essentially testers as its a new app) and I was tasked with finding: a landmark from my area, flowers with my knockarounds, a sign that speaks to my inner runner, and to answer a riddle “A sundial is a time piece with the least amount of moving pieces, which time piece has the most?”

A Landmark in my area (a train museum inside of an old train car
Flowers with my Knockaround
a sign that speaks to your inner runner

After my run, I got ready for the social media best practices live zoom with Caitlin and learned about proactive hash tagging and making my stories more personal and less preachy!

Finally we all met up in zoom for a final get together, where our leaders presented awards to our friends who have been pros for 5 years! I hope I get to stick around long enough for that! Finally awards were presented to members who participated in the TikTok challenge, Nicki won the award for most improved TikTok, Riley for most creative, and I (with the help of Kelly) won the scavenger hunt TikTok for the fun way we made our hunt! (see my link before)

All in all it was such a fun weekend, and if it was this much fun virtually, I can’t even imagine how fun it will be next year in person! Thank you BibRave for allowing me to be a part of the weekend!

RoadiD – My thoughts (and a coupon)

Disclaimer: I received my ROADiD to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find, and write race reviews!

SO! I’ve been wearing my RoadiD for just about a month now and I gotta say, I love it. I legitimately tell everyone I’ve seen about it, because it just makes sense. We’re in a time where its not always safe to be out, and accidents happen all the time!

One moment that sticks out in my mind was towards the end of the year last year when Kelly and I went out for a run and this boy on a bicycle zoomed by us, clearly showing off by doing tricks. We saw this kid EAT DIRT like it was a hard fall so we sprinted over to him to check on him. Fortunately he just had the wind knocked out of him and he was a little scraped up, but it took a few minutes for him to be able to tell us a phone number of a parent for us to call for help since he was trying to regain his breath! Wearing this RoadiD now makes me think of how much smoother that could have gone if he had had one on to just show us the bracelet that would have his dads number on it, god forbid this was something more serious and he needed more help than just a ride home.

So lightweight, you hardly know its on!

Wearing one of these gives me the peace of mind that if something should happen to me I would be able to convey who to contact without having to have someone try and figure out my phone or smart watch to get the info.

Not convinced of its usefulness? This doesn’t have to be used for runners only, despite the target audience! Do you have children, maybe an elder who’s living with you (or not with you)? These ID’s can be purchased as bracelets as well, and not just smart watch accessories! You can rest easy knowing that if there were a situation where you were separated and your loved one was located by a stranger, their emergency contact information would be at the ready!

You can use the code SAVE25BRP to save 25% off any ROADiD on their website.

This is the sample image from their site, I apologize if this number is yours!

Check out my fellow BRP’s for some more insight on the product, and check out their website as well HERE

Chris , Steph, Ken, Ebony, Cassie, Nicki, Becky, Meredith, Randy, Lisha, Lisa